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Ray Borley Dunkley LLP


Ray Borley Dunkley LLP, Solicitors, were established in 1837 and have since then and until now been successfully advising and assisting clients with the sale and purchase of residential properties locally but also in other areas of the Country.

Our charges for our conveyancing services are very competitive compared with other Solicitors in the area and we are always willing to give free Quotations of our costs and details of Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees and other payments in a way that is both transparent and clear. We are very keen to assist clients in the stressful process of moving house and do not wish to add to that stress by giving misleading figures or hiding or disguising hidden costs.

Our conveyancing services use all the modern technology, telephone, facsimile, email, internet and Case Management systems which means that we can deal with matters quickly and efficiently and we can keep in touch with clients and other parties involved in the moving process. However, we dispensed with the services of Percy the pigeon some years ago. We also find that because we operate from High Street premises this gives both our clients and ourselves greater accessibility to each other which can be extremely important when speed is of the essence. If you need to exchange Contracts tomorrow then sending a Contract or other document in the post for signing and return is simply not good enough. We find that most clients need to call in to our offices at least once during the moving process.

We are pleased to say that all work carried out on clients behalf in the conveyancing process is dealt with by a qualified Solicitor, who will have had many years of post qualification experience.

As Solicitors we are completely independent of any third party interests which provides a huge benefit for all clients in that they can discuss openly and frankly any problem or difficulty which arises in the conveyancing process in the knowledge that this will be dealt with confidentially and that any advice will be given freely with the client’s interest in mind. This can be particularly important when any problem arises with say the conditions of a Mortgage Offer, any dispute or disagreement with the Estate Agent involved, in respect of any comments made in a Surveyor’s Report and with the clients own financial arrangements.

In addition as local Solicitors we have a great knowledge of the local area, local services, the Banks, Building Societies, Surveyors, Removal Contractors, which can be of considerable assistance to our clients.

If you are buying a property jointly with someone else the financial interests will be different and therefore care is needed drafting documents to protect each party. It may also be necessary for one party to provide for the other by way of a Will particularly if joint purchasers are not married and where there is a sale by joint owners who are separating and/or divorcing advice in respect of those circumstances and the division of the assets is extremely important. We have Solicitors who can advise on and prepare relevant documents relating to financial issues, Wills and matrimonial/cohabitational disputes.

Ray Borley Dunkley LLP have since 1837 been looking after local clients successfully and look upon themselves as shepherds looking after their flock although we are pleased to say you will not be fleeced at every opportunity. Our legal costs are reasonable, competitive, transparent and clear.

Conveyancing Department Fees

Property Sale

Key stages of the process are:-

  • Obtaining a copy of the title
  • Drafting a Contract and supporting papers
  • Dealing with enquiries raised by the buyer’s Solicitor and obtaining additional information from you
  • Arranging for you to sign the Contract for Sale, Transfer to transfer the legal title and any additional documents
  • Dealing with exchange of contracts and subsequent completion
  • Paying the Estate Agents in accordance with your instructions, if any
  • Dealing with the repayment of the mortgage (if applicable)
  • Providing you with the balance of the net sale proceeds in accordance with your instructions
Sale PriceLegal Fees
£0-£125,000£625 + VAT
£125,001-£200,000£650 + VAT
£200,001-£250,000£725 + VAT
£250,001-£300,000£775 + VAT
£300,001-£400,000£825 + VAT
£400,001-£500,000£895 + VAT
£500,001-£750,000£995 + VAT
£750,001 +To be Agreed

Other Fees:

  • Veriphy electronic ID check - £4.80 (per person)
  • Dealing with Help to Buy Mortgage Redemption - £150 + VAT
  • Dealing with shared ownership sale - £225 + VAT
  • Dealing with Leasehold element - £150 + VAT
  • Dealing with repayment of mortgage - £75 + VAT
  • Additional fee if property has an unregistered title - £150 + VAT
  • Bank Transfer fee £30 + VAT

How long will it take?

The conveyancing process depends upon how quickly the chain is put together, and how quickly enquiries are raised and dealt with, management packs obtained, searches provided by the local authority and search providers and the issue of the mortgage offer. The process therefore depends upon these type of factors and a transaction usually proceeds as quickly or slowly as the slowest part of the chain. If a property is held on a leasehold basis, then management companies can often take a week or two to provide the additional information that is needed to be able to sell. From our experience an average sale takes somewhere in the region of 7-11 weeks although for reasons stated above it may proceed more quickly or slowly. There are in every transaction a number of things that can affect the speed with which is proceeds and we will endeavour to keep you advised at all times throughout the process

Property Purchase

Our fees and disbursements for dealing with the purchase to include:-

  • Receiving instructions from you
  • Requesting Contract papers from the seller’s Solicitors
  • Providing you with a copy plan to ensure that it is correct and then making applications for the usual searches
  • Raising Enquiries and report to you on the Contract papers and mortgage offer if applicable
  • Arranging for you to sign the Contract, Stamp Duty Land Tax Return, Mortgage Deed (if applicable) and any other additional documents that may be required
  • Agreeing a completion date with the seller’s Solicitor
  • Exchanging Contracts and arranging for subsequent completion
  • Obtaining monies from you in accordance with our completion statement
  • Dealing with the payment of any Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Dealing with application for registration and providing you with a copy of the updated and completed title
Purchase PriceLegal Fees
£0-£125,000£650 + VAT
£125,001-£200,000£675 + VAT
£200,001-£250,000£750 + VAT
£250,001-£300,000£825 + VAT
£300,001-£400,000£850 + VAT
£400,001-£500,000£925 + VAT
£500,001-£750,000£995 + VAT
£750,001 +To be Agreed

Other Fees:

  • Veriphy electronic ID check - £4.80 (per person)
  • Help to Buy Fee - £175 + VAT
  • Help to Buy ISA - £50 + VAT
  • Dealing with leasehold element - £150 + VAT
  • Dealing with mortgage lender - £75 + VAT
  • If a New Build Property - £100 + VAT
  • Purchase of Unregistered Land - £150 + VAT
  • SDLT submission fee - £75 + VAT
  • Purchase of Shared Ownership Property - £150 + VAT
  • Bank Transfer Fee - £30 + VAT

In addition to these fees will be the disbursements including:-

  • Land Registry Fee - calculated by reference to the purchase price and whether the application can be submitted electronically.
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax calculated by reference to whether you are a First Time Buyer, whether this is an additional property attracting the higher rate of duty and whether the property is in England or Wales
  • Search fees in and around Milton Keynes are generally in the region of £280.00, to include local, drainage and environmental searches. Other areas may require additional specific searches such as tin or mining searches
  • If the property is Leasehold or Freehold subject to a managed area, then the Management Company will have certain requirements and fees. These are generally provided within the management pack and we will let you know these upon receipt
  • Some lenders use the LMS portal and if so there is an additional £25 + VAT (from 1st April 2022) fee that they charge to allow us to download the mortgage instructions.
  • If the property you are purchasing is a new build property it is standard practice for the developer’s Solicitors to charge what is known as an engrossment fee, being a contribution towards the cost that they have incurred in setting up the Estate and dealing with the drafting of the documentation to you. This is typically in the region of £100-£200 plus VAT and again upon receipt of the Contract papers we can advise as to the correct fee.

It is important to note that no two transactions will be the same and we strongly suggest that you obtain a detailed quotation from ourselves which we will be happy to supply upon request, and in accordance with our professional obligations.

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