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Ray Borley Dunkley LLP

Employment Law

We have an experienced team with in-depth knowledge of all employment issues. We represent both employers (ranging from multi-national through to partnerships, small family businesses and sole traders) and employees in every field.

The Employment Department has, for years, prepared terms and conditions (Employment Contracts) for a wide range of businesses and is able to give guidance and advice when varying Contracts of Employment. The firm is able to provide expert advice with regard to grievance and disciplinary actions both for employer and employees.

We are able to provide urgent advice concerning termination of employment in its various forms and have legal staff dedicated in the sometimes complex and evolving area of Compromise Agreements in the various situations which can arise.

The dedicated team is able to provide advice and guidance in relation to the various reliefs available in the event of a grievance by either employer or employee and, in the case of the latter, advice with regard to the likely compensation available in any given situation. The firm has expertise in the various form of discrimination and have acted for employers and employees in matters ranging from Disability, Sex and Race discrimination claims.

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Director's Contracts
  • Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Termination of Employment
  • Employment Tribunal Proceedings

Employment Department Fees


We are able to advise you whether you are an employee or employer. If an employee, and you are dismissed and wish to make an application to the Employment Tribunal, we are able to assist you in preparation of the relevant documentation. Currently there is no fee to lodge such application. Our costs from the initial appointment through to filing of the ET1 will range, depending on the specific circumstances of your case, from £1,500.00 to £2,000.00 plus VAT.

Our hourly charge rate is currently £240 plus VAT. We will at each stage of the process, depending on your specific circumstances, advise you of the costs. These costs could include disbursements such as counsel's/expert's fees. You would be advised of the latter prior to any instruction of either counsel or experts if required.

At the start of your case we will advise you of other methods of funding your employment tribunal case. These will include reference to household insurance / credit card policies you may have which have the benefit of legal protection cover.

Settlement Agreements

We are able to advise you also in relation to Settlement (formerly Compromise) Agreements. Employers are obliged to make a contribution towards the fees in relation to these agreements. The fees generally vary depending on the complexity of the agreements, but range from £350.00 to £700.00 plus VAT.

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