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Ray Borley Dunkley LLP

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Ray Borley Dunkley LLP pride themselves on their highly experienced litigation team which has, over the years, represented businesses and individuals in a variety of civil and commercial litigation issues. In dealing with commercial issues, our team have represented companies and individuals in company commercial disputes - breach of directors obligations, Partnership issues, Commercial Contractual disputes and Banking/Winding up issues.

In relation to civil litigation, we have handled a whole range of matters from sale of goods cases, hire purchase disputes through to debt and contractual disputes (to include building/construction, other breach of contract and boundary disputes).

Our underlying aim, in keeping with the current ethos of negotiated settlements by way of negotiation/mediation is to assist the parties in resolving issues by negotiation to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. If this is not possible, the matter is then progressed through the Courts - in the most appropriate, cost effective and commercially viable manner.

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